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Nature Contest 2020

Nature Contest is an international design and writing competition for individuals from all places and professions of the world. Individual participants can enter the contest in three different ways. They can a. Visualize a design concept for nature gadget, b. Write down a revolutionary nature policy or c. Share portfolio of their previous work. 

Nature Gadgets

Nature gadget is a tool conceived through the integration of latest technologies of its time. The gadget becomes alive when its different technologies come together in a synergistic way.

Nature Policies

Nature Policy  is a policy which gives all life forms equal weightage in its making. It is a non-human centric perspective to solve human-related problems. Nature Policy identifies all those behaviors which are solely attributed to human beings. e. g, greed-beyond-need, self proclaimed titles like homo sapiens (the wise ones) and identity crisis etc. We do not find such problems elsewhere in nature. Nature policy perspective can be applied to re-envision human food systems, urban systems, health systems, educational systems and wealth systems etc.” 

Nature Tutor (Website + Magazine)

Nature Tutor is anyone who takes inspiration from nature and creates something inspirational in turn. curates personal profiles and the works of all such people who took inspiration from nature to produce wonderful pieces of art, film, music, poetry and literature.

Architecture (dot) Website

Have your Architectural websites made in three simple steps. 1. Send us your project details. 2. Pay the fee. 3. Check your website. Click here for details.

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